We all know how hard to is to plan for the unexpected. Pick a weekly amount you know you can tuck away for those medical costs.

It's your money, you never lose it, and its guaranteed by an Australian Bank.

Our investment options allow you to earn a much better rate than a savings account, so let's get your money working for you!

Pay & Reward

You need healthcare on demand. Your practitioner wants to provide you a service right now.

Pay is an easy and simple way to pay your health practitioner, on the spot, and get rewarded for being a loyal customer.

Your cash back rewards can be used for other health services with participating practitioners.

Treat Now, Pay Later

You may not always have the cash on hand to get the right care for you or your family. Delaying care is even more costly and risky.

Our simple low cost Finance Option allows your practitioner to get paid right away, and you get the best care on demand.

Treat now, pay later.


Since 1993

$34+ Billion per Year

Australians are paying out a fortune with out of pockets costs - some of the highest in the world.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance cannot cover these costs, so the burden falls on you.

Medsave is an easy and simple solution to bring together all that you need for ensuring you can get healthcare on demand.

It's your money, it never expires, you never lose it.


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